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Our History

Battery Connection was the creation of Rachel Doyle from Coventry, West Midlands. The business was established in July 1997 with the first outlet opening in Coventry Precinct, four days a week. The business grew rapidly and within a few months it opened full time. With such a positive response from customers and interest from the local press Rachel saw the potential to franchise Battery Connection early on.

Expansion began quickly and in April 1998 the first Franchise was opened in Banbury, by Kevin Edwicker, a former fruit and vegetable salesman. He is still operating today and is happy to say that "Battery Connection has been such a positive experience. Not only has it given me a comfortable lifestyle but it is such an enjoyable and varied job. Everyone in Banbury knows me - I am part of the furniture now!"

Although good Street Trading sites are not always easy to find, Battery Connection expanded rapidly with the third site opening in September 1998 in the Pallasades Shopping Centre, Birmingham, followed shortly by a site in Solihull Town centre in December 1998. Next came the Chelmsley Wood site, on the outskirts of Birmingham. This site was opened in November 2000, by Tony Rolli a former diamond tool cutter. Tony is still successfully running his franchise and says "I had searched for a long time for a business that would give me a steady income, job satisfaction and flexibility. Battery Connection offers all of those things. I really enjoy the technical aspects and interacting with my customers."

In January 2003 we welcomed Mark Wood, a former draughtsman, to the team, who opened his franchise in Nuneaton and then moved over to Coventry in 2006. Mark is still operating in Coventry City Centre and told us, "It's a great job. You are constantly learning and fitting batteries into new products. It never gets boring. The recession has been tough, but the business is surviving as batteries are a necessity not a luxury!!"

Battery Connection has a robust track record spanning over 16 years, in which time we have experienced many successes (and learnt some hard lessons too!) Rachel has grown and developed as a business woman, and looking back over the years reflects that "business is always a roller coaster, with ups and downs and highs and lows, but as a business we have learnt so much. It is always from your perceived ‘failures’ that you learn the most. I have made all the mistakes once and so new franchisees will benefit from these insights and experiences."

Our Future

2013 is already proving to be an exciting year for Battery Connection. Due to the continued success of the existing franchisees, Rachel believes the time is right to expand the business and is aiming for a Battery Connection in every town! The current franchisees are doing well and riding the storm during the recession and franchising in general is proving to be a successful business model and growth sector during these difficult economic times.
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Investing in the infrastructure and implementing an automated ordering system now allows expansion outside of the Midlands area, into the rest of the UK and beyond. Battery Connection has been rebranded, and the kiosks redesigned using new ‘wrapping’ techniques that give the units a cutting edge appearance, setting Battery Connection apart from the crowd.

This is a unique opportunity for you to join an exciting, established and experienced business that offers attractive financial rewards, job satisfaction and flexibility for a small investment. If you have commitment, enthusiasm, a positive outlook, and are willing to learn new skills, then please get in touch to find out if you could become our next franchisee.

There will be a Battery Connection coming to a town near you soon - will you be behind the counter? Or will someone else beat you to it?